A family property

since the eighteenth century

In 1783, Joseph Brannens, a timber merchant, bought Château Toumilon and Château Cabanes from some Dutch wine merchants.

His son, Charles Brannens actively contributed to the development of the properties. In 1807 he went to the United States to sell the family’s wines.

And over subsequent generations, Toumilon’s terroir continued to find expression in its wines. In 1850, in the first edition of Féret, Château Toumilon is listed as a cru Bourgeois. It also won a medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1878…

Continuing the ancestral line, Marie-France Sevenet-Lateyron took charge of the property in 1997, after exercising her talents as an oenologist in various regions of France and abroad. Every year, she endeavours to draw out, with patience and precision, the very essence of a great wine from this magnificent Graves terroir. To help her in this challenge, she was joined in 2006 by her daughter Anne Govignon-Lateyron, and more recently by her second daughter Pauline Solignac, the château’s eighth generation.

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